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Australian made Hobble Belts. Made from PCW, leather and stainless steel hardware. RED AND BLUE IN STOCK NOW. Phone 07 4166 1000 or visit Monto Stockman's Store Lister St Monto Ph 07 4166 1000. 
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Trevor Scott makes belts in Monto Queensland from the best hides possible. Continually shopping to offer a choice of black or brown leather.  Available in 1

Trevor Scott Hobble belt with square. Available in 1 1/4
Trevor Scott Brown Belt. Hand Stitched with Brass Swage Buckle and pocket knife pouch.  Also available with Stainless Steel Swage Buckle. Need to know knife brand and size.  Made in Monto Queensland.  Phone 07 4166 1000.

Trevor Scott hand  stitched leather belt. Stainless steel roller buckle. This is the most popular belt in the range. Made in Monto Queensland. Available in 1 1/4
Knife Pouch. Open ended Pouch can be added to the belt of your choice. Trevor Scott, Monto, Queensland. 07 4166 1000.Trevor Scott belt. Brass or Stainless Steel Swage  buckles.  Phone Monto Stockman's Store with details 07 4166 1000. 
Trevor Scott hobble belt with stainless steel hardware and knife pouch. Made in Monto. Phone 07 4166 1000.
Trevor Scott makes a range of belts to suit the whole family. Contact us today with your details 07 4166 1000.

Mobile Phone 0427 684048
Phone 07 4166 1000


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