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Monto Stockman's Store and 
Trevor Scott Saddles.

Phone 07 4166 1000    OR   0427 684 048                                        
Shop Hours
We are open at 42 Lister St Monto seven days a week unless closed. If you are planning a special trip give us a quick call to make sure we are open. Also always leave a message if we do not get to the phone.

Mail Orders are a pleasure.  
The post leaves Monto Monday to Friday each week.

We are proud to offer for sale an ever changing range of Australian made saddles, belts and more.

Hope to talk to you soon
Trevor and Debra

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Trevor Scott Competitor Fender Stock Saddle. Made at 42 Lister Street MONTO,Q 4630. Phone 07 4166 1000.Mohair girths made in Monto Queensland. Various styles and lengths. Phone Monto Stockman's Store 07 4166 1000 to organises yours today.
Ring Bits and more at Monto Stockman's Store. 42 Lister Street Monto. Phone 07 4166 1000.
Australian made Stock Whips for sale at Monto Stockman's Store.Phone 07 4166 1000.Australian made leather reins. Have a look at Monto Stockman's Store. 42 Lister St MONTO 4630.
Australian made Hand carved Spur Straps. Various buckles options. Contact us today.  Monto Stockman's Store. 07 4166 1000Farriers Apron to help make your job easier.. Made in Australia. Various styles and colours. Monto Stockman's Store phone 07 4166 1000.Australian Made belts. Range is growing. Call us today to see what is in stock or organise to have one made. Monto Stockman's Store 42 Lister St MONTO Q 4630.

Mobile Phone 0427 684048
Phone. 07 4166 1000


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